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Welcome to my new website

Updated: May 10, 2020

I am delighted to present my new website.

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New challenges ahead

Times are challenging. While a large part of humanity is forced into confinement and the course of normal life (for some of us) has somehow stopped, it is clear that the world will not — and certainly should not — be the same after this health crisis.

The world of tomorrow will be shaped by international cooperation and international law. The international legal system will certainly undergo some important changes - hopefully improvements. But it will always be there. It will better protect some interests and leave more room for sovereignty in respect of other interests. It has the means to achieve this challenge.

A new portal

I am happy to start this new challenging and exciting time with a properly functioning (fingers crossed) website:

The aim of this website is twofold:

  • to introduce myself, my experience, my work and to outline the service I can provide to you; and

  • to share news, documents, thoughts, and broad analysis in international law, European Union law, human rights and investment arbitration.

Of course, the website is still work in progress.

A French version will follow shortly and we are working hard to provide new features and updates regularly.

I hope you enjoy.

Let’s stay connected

In the meantime, please stay in contact. My new contact details can be found in the contact section of the website.



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